I will start this post by saying that I LOVE to see progress. When I see myself getting better and conquering something that I previously couldn’t…it’s the best damn feeling in the world.


I like doing me some pull-ups(!!), which you may have already seen from pics in previous posts. Over the past year or so I’ve gotten much better at doing the standard pull-ups with variations of grips and arm spacing. I often do my sets on the bars at the park (sometimes swingsets), but If I’m walking on the street and I see a building’s arch that looks like it can support my weight, it’s a safe bet that I will stop to do at least a couple….. don’t give a DAMN who watchin’!

Even with the incentive of showing off while simultaneously confusing pedestrians, the standard pull-up can eventually run stale. Thankfully, just when I was beginning to get bored of my pull-up endeavors, I happened to stumble upon a solution.

I had arrived at the park to do my usual sets on the bars. As I got ready to do my second lift, I noticed a group of guys stretching out their arms on an adjacent swing set. Since I didn’t have a gun or anything sharp enough to defend what was rightfully my turf, I decided to approach them peacefully and ask them what they were doing. They told me that they were training for a street workout competition. Then they showed me some moves they were working on— these dudes were BREASTS! (correction: BEASTS)

We proceeded to workout together, and they taught me a TON. On my own, I would simply do some sets and bounce. With these guys, I can spend an hour and a half doing bar exercises and shooting the breeze.   This 48 second video doesn’t encapsulate anything, but it certainly gives you the gist of how the workouts go. Enjoy!