It’s finally the end of the school year in Chile… a very special time. Why?? Because the school days are now two hours shorter. An awesome thing  is that even though the school days are modified,  we still have two recesses, so while everything else is changing, I’m still bringing the same  heat EVERY DAY. All year I’ve  treated recess as a man’s craft (the man’s craft it truly is), so I’m very excited they’ve maintained its full schedule, even amidst the day shortenings. Here is a glimpse of the incendiary play that I’ve been bringing since DAY 1.

Below is a 7 second video of a kid turning the Party Rock Anthem into gold!

I posted the RECESS video on Facebook, and I received a few comments about it being insensitive (I understand…. it’s not politically correct!). Really, I just want to say that I believe the video is about the enthusiasm that the kids and I have shared together. I’ve loved every drop of sweat, scrapping it out with these kids on the courts, and in reality I’m more respectful than the video suggests (it’s a caricature!!).

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