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The Gringo Jedi

             Note: This is a non-linear continuation of “Excuse Me, Are you Richard??” If you didn’t read that post, then the all you need to know is that I befriended a Chilean reality television star named Richard Rubin. He earned notoriety for being the goofy but straightforward American (gringo) on the popular show Mundos…

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Excuse Me, Are You Richard??

May 15th, 2013.  2:30 PM. Los Andes, Chile.         I sat down in the teacher’s lounge for my usual coffee and mid-afternoon break. For some reason, the basic cable TV had been flipped on— the first time I’d seen it turned on all year. It had on a Chilean reality show known as…

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Club de Las Laughs

              The day has finally come! I’ve returned the game, and this time in Chile. I think my stand-up has a few performances to go until it’s at a point where I can grab any microphone, grab an audience, and just get it going!… this is me partly saying that…

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¡Columbian Girl!

              It was 2 o’clock on a chilly Saturday night in Santiago, Chile. I was bopping through the streets of Paseo Bulnes with a buddy when we began talking to a Colombian girl who needed a lighter. The conversation was brief, but fruitful. I got her number and her…

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A Gentleman Has No Memory

Santiago, Chile. 1:15 P.M. Sunday, June 2nd.               Christian wrestled himself awake and was hit with a horrendous urge to vomit. His head pounded like a kick-drum, and his stomach ached of a long night at the bar. He looked to his right and saw an adjacent bathroom. With…

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The Gang Joins a Soccer Team

            It was 2 o´clock on a Sunday in Los Andes, Chile… just a lazy Sunday where I had nothing planned. As I sat down at the table for lunch I noticed that my phone had 7 missed calls. Who the hell needs to talk to me this urgently on…

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Shameless Dancing Volume 1

Before I begin my post, you’re going to have to watch this Youtube video. Then it will make sense.             What you just saw was a man wildly shaking his crotch around. What you saw also happens to be one of the most popular Youtube videos to have graced Chile…

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My Funny Chilean Valentine

       A chunk of friends over Facebook have asked me about Chilean women. Are they friendly? Are they boring? Are they easy? I want answer this by first talking about how I THOUGHT Latin relationships worked before I got here. This impression was accrued from watching hours and hours of Telemundo and lots…

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Fast Times in Los Andes

       Teaching in Los Andes has included a number of refreshing changes from what  I was accustomed to in the States. One of the principle ones, is that although it gets chilly during June-early August,  there is never ever snow. As a result, there are never snow days. Instead, teachers have something else…

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Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Gringo

         I don’t think my culture shock kicked in until I started teaching in Los Andes. Having just graduated from Penn State with a degree in teaching children, I felt relatively comfortable with the teaching techniques that I was taught: keeping a class quiet, maintaining students’ attention, writing a detailed lesson plan,…

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